Who is the real Jesus?


It all started when…

It all started when a man named Jesus made an unprecedented claim about himself. Jesus claimed he was the Son of God, and had come to help humanity find our way back to God. To prove to us that he was the Son of God, and not just another prophet or teacher, he performed miracles that had never been done before in human history.

But, the boldest claim he made was this: He predicted he would die on a Roman cross, be buried in a tomb for 3 days, and then come back to life in human form. This bold prediction would be his plan to prove that he really is the Savior for all man-kind.

Jesus claimed that by coming back to life, he would conquer the sting of death and sin. Furthermore, he claimed to give eternal life to anyone who believes that he is the Son of God who really did die and come back to life. He claimed that anyone who puts their faith in him can begin living a life that they could only imagine.

Jesus claimed he was here from Heaven to give up his life for ours, as a substitute for our mistakes that kept us from getting close to God. In accomplishing all he predicted about himself, now all humanity would have:

>Access to God like never before.
>Peace like never before.
>Freedom like never before.
>Hope like never before.
>Purpose in our lives like never before.

If what Jesus said about himself is true… If he really did predict his own death burial and resurrection, and pull it off… then this changes everything for us.

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