Through a life of challenges, tragedy and triumph, Jake has looked defeat in the face and refused to accept its hold on his life. Surrounded by friends who saw his potential, and believed in his best, he is a living testament that there is nothing you cannot come back from.

For seven years, he served as an Associate Pastor at one of America's fastest growing churches- itown Church. Jake has enriched countless lives with his testimony and his leadership. He is well known for being a champion of people’s potential, seeing them reach beyond their goals, and helping them achieve God’s best for their life.

Jake and Kassi met and were married in 2014, four years after the sudden death of Jake’s late wife, Kylie. Jake and Kassi are passionate about seeing those far from Christ experience the forgiveness and freedom that is found in Jesus. They share a heart for helping people take a spiritual journey to grow with Jesus.

After years of calling out greatness in others, Jake, Kassi and their three boys, Nathan, Judah and Valor, are accepting a call of their own: to plant a life-giving church in the Metro Detroit community.


 “Jesus didn’t die so that we could practice religion for him. He died so we could have a relationship with him.”


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